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My name is Ekow, I'm one of the founders of Wavetrekker. I'm originally from the Boston area but have lived in the DR for roughly 5 years. I first came to the DR to work with the Peace Corps. I served for 27 months teaching ecology and promoting ecotourism in the DR's central mountains. My experiences working with Peace Corps in ecotourism development shaped my thinking for the potential for Wavetrekker as a project. I'm an avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast myself so I know first hand how challenging it can be to find the gear you need for the conditions at hand or the local knowledge you need to key into the adventure you've been hearing whispers about on your travels. My hope is that wavetrekker can help solve this problem. Also, we use revenue generated to fund projects for social and environmental justice in the destination where your using Wavetrekker's services, so you can feel good about giving back in addition to your support of the local economy by renting or booking through our service.

Any of the gear you see listed on my profile is gear that I've posted on behalf of my friends that run local surfshops and kiteboarding schools who wanted to be a part of Wavetrekker but don't have ready web access. Take a look and book what you need. Our team will set up the rest.

Happy trekking,


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